An Intro

Connecting Dots is a collaborative effort among three driven professionals who have different backgrounds in digital marketing. Launched in July of 2013, the startup aims to provide focused and simplify marketing services to help clients maximize their ROI with emphasis on quality and timeliness. Needless to say, we’ve got some pretty awesome personalities working for us.

Meet The Trio

Mathew Nepomucenomath

Mathew is an SEO and Adwords Specialist. One of his responsibilities is to ensure clients’ keywords and campaigns are performing well in rankings and in generating revenue. Next year, he plans to become an Adwords Certified individual.

When not optimizing Adwords campaigns, Mathew enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He likes playing table tennis on Sundays.

Manilene LabajoManilene Labajo

Manilene is the lone girl member of the trio. She is an online marketing specialist with an extensive background in the technical aspects of search engine optimization. Manilene is a strong white hat SEO practitioner and believes it is a Panda/Penguin-proof strategy to putting her client’s brands to the top. Manilene eyes the PPC expert and Adwords certified titles next year.

When she is not whipping new SEO tactics and analyzing data in Google Analytics, Manilene enjoys playing the guitar, singing her heart out.

Rodrick GRodrick G

Rodrick joined the online marketing world with a background in creative writing and social media advertising. He’s contributed content to an array of niches including travel, self-improve-ment, health, e-commerce, fashion, sports, and business. Rodrick has 7 years of combined experience in SEO, copywriting, and social media marketing.

When he’s not conceptualizing ideas for his next blog post, he enjoys military documentaries, photography, and joining marathons.                                             

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